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Germany votes to permanently install ‘Statue of Peace’ in Berlin

Germany votes to permanently install ‘Statue of Peace’ in Berlin

Posted December. 03, 2020 08:01,   

Updated December. 03, 2020 08:01


The permanent installation of the Statue of Peace in Berlin, Germany, which was facing the risk of removal, will be discussed. The Japanese government, which has been making persistent requests to the German authorities to take down the statue, immediately opposed.

According to Korea Verband, a civic group of South Koreans living in Germany, the council of Mitte, Berlin held a general meeting on Tuesday (local time) and voted on whether to permanently install the Statue of Peace, which resulted in 24 votes in favor out of 31 attending members.

As the new resolution has begun more active discussions, some believe that the permanent exhibition of the statue has become more likely. However, as the resolution is not legally binding, permanent exhibition has not been confirmed yet. The Japanese side’s demand for the statue’s removal is expected to grow bigger.

Japan expressed its regrets immediately. “I feel very regrettable that the new decision is not in line with the Japanese government’s stance and responses so far,” said Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Katsunobu Kato during a press conference on Wednesday. “We would like to explain the Japanese government’s stance to those related to the issue and request a prompt removal of the statue.”

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