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Email interview with singer songwriter Max Schneider

Posted October. 09, 2020 07:39,   

Updated October. 09, 2020 07:39


“Colour Vision,” the latest album of American singer songwriter MAX, opens strong with its eponymous No. 1 track. The well-made pop album that glides 33 minutes and 42 seconds over 12 numbers, is studded with trendy works such as “Working For The Weekend (feat. bbno$)” or “Checklist (feat. Chromeo),” but the sixth track “Blueberry Eyes” is drawing particular attention thanks to the rap of Suga, a member of the Korean boy band BTS.

The Dong-A Ilbo had an email interview with Max Schneider currently staying in Los Angeles. “I’ve written the song Blueberry Eyes for my wife Emily. And Suga gave us the perfect rap for the story of our song,” said MAX. The following is his answers to our questions.

- Your stage name is rather simple.

“I wanted short names like Madonna or Prince. My dream is to become a musician that everyone instantly recognizes merely by his moniker.”

- It’s interesting that you’re sitting on this gigantic rubik’s cube on the cover of the album.

“It was a perfect image for the concept of my album telling the stories about different pieces and colours mingling into one. I actually performed on the cube in my recent online concert.”

- What is your creative process like?

“I come up with a story first. The next step is to flesh it out with melodies and lyrics with partner composers and writers.”

- In February, you watched an NBA game with Suga in Los Angeles. How did you two become friends?

“We first met in Korea, then we became friends as we shared similar topics of interest and we liked each other’s music. Suga is very kind, humble, thoughtful, and hardworking.”

- BTS have topped the Billboard Single Charts. What do you think of their music?

“Not only Dynamite, I love their every single song. For each work they present, they put a tremendous effort in M/Vs, fashion, messages, as well as the songs. It’s such a great motivation for me. Suga and BTS’ success makes me happy too.”

- Are you also interested in other Korean cultures?

“My visit to Korea in January was a life-changing experience. I fell in love with the special energy of Korean people and became a true fan of all the aspects of Korean culture. I love the music of other Korean artists such as Twice, Day6, Seventeen, Zico, Blackpink, and IU.”

- You’re also a model and an actor. At the age of 17, you did a Dolce & Gabbana commercial with Madonna.

“She was a woman of a small build but with the personality of a giant. I still remember the moment when she grabbed my waist, telling me to follow her lead for dance. That moment will live forever inside of me.”