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[Exclusive]NK gearing up for massive parade : New ICBM TELs spotted

[Exclusive]NK gearing up for massive parade : New ICBM TELs spotted

Posted September. 23, 2020 22:39,   

Updated September. 24, 2020 09:30

By Jungahn Kim Washington correspondent

The US estimates that the DPRK is preparing for a massive parade on Oct 10 which will likely involve as many as 20000 people. The Donga Ilbo has learned that North Korea regime has recently moved new ICBM transporter-erector-launcher(TEL)s and KN15s to Mirim Airfield in preparation for the parade.

The recent findings are the following:
▲Approximately 2 to 4 new ICBM TELs, with upgraded chassis and a launch mechanism, have also reportedly been spotted in Mirim airfield. These new TELs are believed to be from Sain Ri motor plant, South PyungAhn province. The US official said “the fact that the ICBM TELs were seen indicate that NK will likely show off their ICBMs during the parade. We are closely observing whether their ICBMs will be a new variant from the HwaSung15.” The Hwasong-15 is an ICBM developed by North Korea, theoretically capable of reaching all of the United States mainland.

▲At least two KN15 were reportedly spotted at a parade training ground, the Mirim Parade Training Ground outside the capital Pyongyang early this month. The US believes that they will be shown at the military parade on October 10. The US official said “these new versions of the KN15 are likely to be from Sain Ri motor plant and expected to be shown at the October parade.”

▲An estimated 10 SRMB/MRBM TELs have also reportedly been moved to Mirim airfield as early as last month. These TELs are believed to be also from Sain Ri which can be used as backups for the parade.

▲The US is also anticipating a grand opening ceremony for Pyongyang General Hospital and possible speech from Kim Jung Eun around this time.