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United Future Party can find no solution other than exit

United Future Party can find no solution other than exit

Posted August. 01, 2020 07:25,   

Updated August. 01, 2020 07:25


“We will fight against the ruling party with our rigorous legislation efforts in the National Assembly hall. However, the reality is that we have no other choice than leaving the hall to protest,” a member of the United Future Party answered a question on Friday asking the party’s strategy against the super-size ruling party in the future.

In his contradicting comment about how they will fight in the hall yet leaving the hall is the only available option, the spiritless reality of the main opposition party can be clearly seen. While the ruling Democratic Party of Korea has been pushing for the passage of bills and confirmation hearings with its new dominant seat number in the past week, the United Future Party has been unable to come up with any practical measures, other than simply saying that South Koreans will realize the true nature of the Democratic Party of Korea.

Out of 14 standing committee meetings and one plenary session of the National Assembly held from Tuesday to Thursday when the ruling party quickly passed a number of bills, the opposition party protested on six occasions by exiting the room or not attending. Such decisions were made as the opposition party would be outnumbered regardless of whether they participate in the vote or not.

However, the super-size ruling party didn’t even flinch and counterattacked by saying that the opposition party’s absence in voting is the violation of democratic principles. Therefore, hardliners in and outside of the party are calling for a protest outside the National Assembly building. However, the majority of the party members believe that it cannot be an alternative solution given its practical effect and cause.

Some say that the United Future Party should regain the chair positions of the standing committees of the National Assembly, which are currently monopolized by the Democratic Party of Korea. “Now that the ruling party has passed all kinds of bills, there is no reason for us to be responsible for the party’s reckless behavior,” said a key member of the United Future Party. “We are not considering taking over the chair positions of the standing committees.” This means that the opposition party has found itself in a double bind.

Meanwhile, a five-minute speech on real estate issues by Yoon Hee-sook of the United Future Party was a trending topic on Friday. She began her argument by saying, “I am a tenant,” at the plenary session of the National Assembly on Thursday. “What occurred to me is that there will be no more lump-sum housing lease and that I will have no choice but to seek a monthly rental place four years later,” she continued. “How dare you be so careless and arrogant as to create such an inadequate bill without even examining such a basic issue,” she said, resonating with voters.

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