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Yoon Bit-garam expected to lead Ulsan to win K League championship

Yoon Bit-garam expected to lead Ulsan to win K League championship

Posted May. 12, 2020 07:48,   

Updated May. 12, 2020 07:50


“This year, Ulsan can do anything with its ability to initiate fast counterattacks and organized attacks,” Ulsan midfielder Yoon Bit-garam said with a firm voice. After manager Kim Do-hoon joined the team in November 2016, the Ulsan Hyundai, which is one of the favorites to win K League 1 this season, has been known for their fast counter attacks.

Yoon transferred to Ulsan from Jeju ahead of the season. “When I played against Ulsan last year, I tried to watch out for their counter attacks,” Yoon said. “As Ulsan has many good players this season, we can both initiate fast attacks and build up slow attacks by winning possession in the middle.”

The 30-year-old midfielder is recognized as the team’s playmaker for his view for the game and accurate kicks. He is expected to fill the gap left by midfielder Kim Bo-gyung, who moved to Jeonbuk after chosen as the team’s MVP last year. Yoon helped his team win the Sangju Samgmu 4-0 in Saturday’s kick-off by making a mid-range shot in the 73rd minute. “I’m always ready to hit a mid-range shot whenever I have a chance,” he said. “I like when I’m situated diagonally from the goal post and get temporarily open after receiving a back pass from my teammate.”

Yoon expressed his expectation to play with Lee Chung-yong this season. The two are the new key players for the team, according to manager Kim. “I’m thankful that the two joined the team,” he said. “They are not only giving good energy for the team but also creating a synergistic effect with the existing players.

Despite many offers from Chinese clubs, Yoon chose Ulsan. “I’ve chosen Ulsan to win the K League championship. After finishing as a runner-up last season, players are very enthusiastic,” he said. “I’m confident that we’re capable of winning the championship this season thanks to many talented players.”