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Japan’s Olympic Committee suggests postponing of the Games

Japan’s Olympic Committee suggests postponing of the Games

Posted March. 12, 2020 07:44,   

Updated March. 12, 2020 07:44


If the Tokyo Olympics cannot be held this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, it might be best to delay the event by two years, suggested a member for the executive board for the Japanese organizing committee. The board member’s comment to postpone the event, in addition to the remarks by the minister responsible for organizing the event, raises the possibility that the Japanese government is trying to cancel the Olympic Games.

“The board hasn’t discussed the impact of the coronavirus on the Games yet, but stopping the Olympics or banning spectators would result in enormous economic loss. The most realistic option would be to postpone by one or two years,” Director Haruyuki Takahashi of the Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics organizing committee told The Wall Street Journal. “Since sports event schedule for next year is nearly determined, it would be easy to delay by two years. The issue should start to be discussed from April.”

The committee said on Wednesday that it was not considering to delay the Games and was preparing as scheduled. However, it is unlikely that Takahashi, who represents one of the 35 members of the committee, has shared his personal thoughts to the public without aligning with the government.

Japan Olympics/Paralympics Minister Seiko Hashimoto said at a House of Councillors meeting on March 3 that it was feasible to postpone the event based on the contract with the International Olympic Committee.