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Deliver a message using symbols

Posted December. 21, 2019 08:35,   

Updated December. 21, 2019 08:35


While traveling in Prague, the Czech Republic, I was moved by the locks attached to the Charles Bridge. Here, locks symbolize eternal love. Looking at different kinds of locks, I thought that symbolizing love constitutes a culture.

Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, made a distinction between signs and symbols that are consciously devised in daily life. For Jung, symbols refer to languages, names, and pictures that might be familiar to us in daily life but also have special meanings other than their conventional meaning. What is important is symbols lost life if they are apart from our feelings. Symbols attract people because they resonate with intuitive self-consciousness and feelings in the inner life within us.

Thunder, lightning, floods, and storms were the biggest disasters faced by ancient people. They intuitively responded to the nature. They believed that all objects share consciousness and they can communicate with consciousness through symbols. For example, there is something called “rain dance,” which imitates the sound of the falling rain by thumping one’s feet on the ground. The rain dance was believed to end a drought. In Thailand, people hold a ritual for rain using elephants. While elephants trample on human-shaped dolls, people set off firecrackers and make huge noise by playing the percussion instruments. The noise coming from the percussion instruments and firecrackers is a symbol of waiting for thunder, lightning, and showers.

Symbols will take various forms and become more powerful going forward. Do you want to be powerful? Find an image or symbol that is easy enough to deliver a message and link it to you. Then you will have a great power.