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Relationship between hot weather and anger

Posted July. 20, 2019 07:30,   

Updated July. 20, 2019 07:30


Anger is controlled by the small organ called Amygdala, which is located at the center of the brain. Amygdala’s response to anger lasts for about two seconds. This is the scientific reason people are advised to count to ten when they are very angry. Amygdala processes anger, fear and anxiety. These are essentially the same emotion. People feel anger when they judge they can fight against, fear when they think they can never overcome and win, and anxiety when they are uncertain.

When Amygdala starts operating, sympathetic nerves get stimulated, causing the body to be agitated. When a student gets caught by a teacher while violating rules, he or she feels shortness of breath, stuffy in the stomach, develops fever, and bleak out in a cold sweat. When temperatures rise, the body turns into a situation similar to the moment of anger, and hence easily loses temper over trivial matters. The human is an animal that hastily concludes “similar” things to be the “same.” The person thus attempts to make an excuse that he or she lost temper due to hot weather. It would not be reporters in a broadcaster who would have brought a typhoon to Korea. A mega city like Seoul is hotter than cities in Southeast Asia. Tropical night phenomenon occurs due to heat emitted from asphalt that heats up during daytime. People in big cities should endure and survive hot summer weather once again. If people yield to each other, consider others’ situation, prevent and control anger, they will spend a summer that would be not hot this year.

The fundamental of anger control is to speak after thinking three times. When other person takes bad behavior to upset you, you should first check whether you are misunderstanding the situation. If the person repeats, you need to check whether it was the person’s mistake or bad habit. If the person does it three times, you should ask calmly whether the person intentionally did so you to anger you. Then, most anger can be controlled. If you wish to do so, you will have to count one to ten several times in your mind, avoid the situation, cool off the heat, and familiarize yourself with gradual relaxation therapy. You should also think hard about how to properly respond. You also need humors to ease your tension.

Loving Spoonful… “Spoonful of Joy,” this is an expression‎ of satisfaction you will feel after putting a spoonful of sugar into your coffee. I hope you control your temper, calm down, and spend a sweet summer. “Summer in the City,” which is being introduced today, is a song that uses real noise in the city for the first time in a pop song. In Korean pop, I think “At City Hall Subway Station” that I wrote would be the first such song.