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Half of 'fine dust' cosmetics fail to protect skin

Posted November. 14, 2018 07:26,   

Updated November. 14, 2018 07:26


As the country is experiencing high levels of fine dust in recent years, the sales of cosmetic products claiming to protect skin from the fine dust are on the rise. But it was revealed that over half of them failed to prevent fine dust from damaging skin.

The Korean Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday that 27 out of 53 cosmetics (51%) claiming to be effective in preventing fine dust from sticking to skin or cleansing pollutants did not have their claimed effects.

For example, the maker of the “Dear My Dust Peeling Pad” advertised that the fine particles in its product absorb pollutants on the skin. But it turned out to be a false advertising. The maker of the cosmetics did not have the evidence to back up its claimed effect.

The “Seolleim Blooming Cell Dust-out Alive Cream,” which has been promoted to prevent fine dust from penetrating into the skin, did not have the claimed effect, either.

A total of 17 cosmetic products were caught false advertising their effect without having certified test result. Under the current cosmetics law, manufacturers have to prove their products’ effect through various tests and certification in order to promote their products’ anti-fine dust effect.

Youn-Jong Kim zozo@donga.com