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Lighteless `Merry Christmas`

Posted December. 01, 2015 09:30,   


U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, known as a controversial developer, has picked Starbucks as his next victim. Starbucks would celebrate Christmas by using their Christmas themed cup every winter season, but this year, it has removed the Christmas designs on the disposable red cups. Trump has suggested that people boycott Starbuck by saying that Starbucks has decided not to celebrate Christmas. This is his typical move, trying to get more votes using Christians` hatred against Islam.

Christmas is the biggest holiday for Christianity, but not only for Christians. Even non-Christians enjoy Christmas with their family and neighbors. Some Islamic countries such as Indonesia and Egypt designate Christmas a national holiday to celebrate it. Surprisingly, Syria, known as the base of the extremist Islamic State group, also designates December 25 a holiday, while Islam acknowledges that Jesus is a prophet as great as Muhammad.

The Christmas atmosphere does not feel the same in Western countries due to the impact of the Paris terror attacks. This year, the Champs Elysees does not have the usual Christmas trees, which had been attractive for tourists. In American shopping districts, signs say "Happy new year" rather than "Merry Christmas," and Santa and Rudolph have disappeared from public spaces. These are precautions to avoid provoking people of religions other than Christianity through Christian greeting messages amid increased terror threats. Although the U.S. was built by WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), the number of atheists and Muslims is drastically increasing. According to Pew Research, Christianity has declined to 46.5 percent as of 2014.

Korea is the only East Asian country where Christmas is a national holiday. The country has the biggest portion of Christianity in the region as well. To many, Christmas is merely a day for pleasure and entertainment, but the meaning of the day is still important in that it is the birthday of Jesus who came into the world to save humans. It is a shame that we cannot celebrate the holiday due to terror threats, but at the same time, we should be more tolerant than usual towards other religions.