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Drunken martial artist who tried `technique` to policeman put into prison

Drunken martial artist who tried `technique` to policeman put into prison

Posted May. 11, 2015 07:15,   


At 1:40 a.m. on February 6 in front of a convenience store in Gwangju City, a mixed martial artist surnamed Lee (aged 28) provoked a quarrel to two people who were trying to make a call, by saying, “You hit my shoulders,” and assaulted them. When a called-out police corporal surnamed Seo (aged 32) was trying to identify him, Lee said, “I have many friends who are police detectives” and swore at the policeman. Then, he tripped the policeman and trampled his face and legs.

Corporal Seo, in cooperation with another police, Lieutenant Jeong (aged 45), barely suppressed him. Having been taken to a police precinct office with his wrists in handcuffs, Lee revealed he is a mixed martial artist. “He was drunk but not blind drunk,” said police superintendent surnamed Kim.

Having suffered pain in the legs, Corporal Seo went to a hospital the following day and was diagnosed with damage in cruciate ligament that would last 12 weeks. He underwent surgery to connect damaged cruciate ligament with artificial muscle but is subject to 6-month rehabilitation treatment for which he is now on sick leave. “We are worried that Seo would suffer some sort of disability even after the treatment,” said police officials. “Disregarding the governmental power caused this incident.”

Chief judge Cho Chan-yeong of Gwangju District Court revealed on Sunday that the martial artist was sentenced six months in prison on charge of inflicting injury and an unlawful interference with an officer in the execution of his duty. Lee contended that he committed crime under the influence, but the court judged that he was not totally unconscious.