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Meanings behind different colors of neckties

Posted February. 28, 2015 07:16,   


Less people are wearing this these days, but it still takes a big portion of men’s fashion. What is this? A tie. Men are required to wear a suit and tie. CEOs and executives of businesses deliver a message in the color of a tie.

On Dec. 18, last year, Cheil Industries had a ceremony for its stock exchange listing at the Seoul office of the Korean Exchange, the local securities exchange operator, in Seoul. CEO Yoon Joo-hwa and other executives were all wearing red ties, as if they were told to do so. As the stock market chart turns red when stock prices are on the rise, CEO Yoon and executives of the affiliate company of Samsung Group chose to wear red ties wishing for a bullish market. On that day, the company drew the public’s attention as it more than doubled the initial public offering price on its first trading day.

Researcher Oh Soo-min at the Samsung Fashion Research Institute said, “In men’s suits, a necktie has a function to deliver a symbolic message of the color. Therefore, it is important to choose an appropriate color of the tie depending on the venue and attendees of a meeting.” Although not many people are wearing ties these days, it is important to choose a right color that suits for the occasion and venue. Here, the Samsung Fashion Research Institute presents meanings of tie colors for Dong-A Ilbo readers.

△ Red = Power

Just as businessmen wear red ties at a bourse, politicians around the world wear red ties when delivering an important speech. It is because the color red represents passion and power. Generally, red ties go well with light color dress shirts and dark color suits.

△Purple= Confidence

If you are a businessman wanting to make a memorable first impression, non-typical colors such as purple is the right choice. Throughout the history, purple has been the color of royal families. It also symbolizes the wealth. Researcher Oh said, “Those working at financial districts prefer to wear purple ties.”

△ Blue = Stability

Blue is the color of ties that men can wear at any time and at any places. As the patterned blue ties give a professional impression, many CEOs wear such blue ties at normal times. Light blue colors such as cobalt or royal blue can work as a point to capture people’s eyes. On the contrary, dark blue colors such as navy can make the person look strict and trustworthy.

△Brown = Friendliness

Brown and other neutral colors work perfect for those in occupations to deal with people, like sales representatives or service men. It is because brown color gives comfortable and friendly feelings. However, it is not recommended to match brown ties with brown suits. It would make you look boring.