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N. Korea`s fingerprints reportedly found on Sony Pictures hacking

N. Korea`s fingerprints reportedly found on Sony Pictures hacking

Posted December. 04, 2014 06:27,   


The destructive malware that infected Sony Pictures Entertainment`s network last week was written in Korean, further fueling suspicions that North Korea was behind the cyber attack, international news agency Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Sony Pictures recently produced the comedy film "The Interview," in which the CIA attempts to recruit two journalists to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung Un after they are invited to interview him.

Sony Pictures came under cyber attack on November 25 that crippled the company`s computer systems and led to the leaking of many of the company’s major films such as "Fury" and "Annie" to pirate websites.

Bloomberg cited sources with the knowledge of the investigation as saying that some of the malware that disabled Sony Pictures` computer systems and destroyed its data contained Korean language code

According to the news agency, the malware has the ability to overwrite data files and damage the master boot record, making computers unusable. "The use of destructive malware has been a hallmark of North Korean attacks," Bloomberg reported.

The FBI, which is investigating the case, sent a flash alert to U.S. companies about the malware, which destroys data on computer systems, rather than simply stealing information or restrict access to data, citing last year`s cyber attacks on South Korea.

Although not directly linking the attack on Sony Pictures to North Korea or Iran, the FBI said that the hacker intrusion was very similar to the devastating attacks last year against some of South Korea`s major banks and television broadcasters. It is believed that the North was behind those attacks.