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2015 college exam results show too many perfect scores

Posted December. 03, 2014 07:40,   


At this year`s college scholastic aptitude exam, the math B type, the test for students who will take the natural science track, was the most easiest among previous exams. Only students with perfect score got Grade 1. However, the Korean language B type had less than 0.1 percent of students getting perfect score, signaling huge impact on regular admission.

According to Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation`s announcement Tuesday on 2015 college scholastic aptitude exam results, the ratio of perfect score was 1.37 percent for Korean language A type, 0.09 percent for Korean language B type, 2,54 percent for math A type and 3.37 percent for English, implying a wide gap among subjects.

College exam consulting institutions expected that those who get a perfect score in English would get Grade 1, but results showed students getting wrong answer for one 2-point question was able to get Grade 1. Social studies were easy overall and science was difficult. Life science II that arouse disputes on two answers had the highest standard score, and is expected to be a major variable for top-level students.

As math B and English were both easy, discrimination among top-level students in natural sciences became difficult. The standard score gap for natural sciences is just five (13 for humanities studies) for a student who got a perfect score in Korean language, math and English and who is on the grade cut line.