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Ukraine rebel leader challenges president to duel

Posted November. 21, 2014 07:51,   


Igor Plotnitsky, leader of the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine, has publicly challenged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to a duel to end the conflict.

Plotnitsky, who was elected president in the self-declared separatist republic in eastern Ukraine`s Lugansk region, said in an open letter to the Ukrainian president, "Let`s follow the example of the ancient Slavic leaders and glorious Kazakh chiefs and clash in a fight." Plotnitsky said that if he wins the duel, he would begin by ending all military action, withdraw all troops from the rebel-controlled region and offer negotiations.

"I do not oppose a live broadcast on any TV channel, if you believe this is possible. It is up to you to choose the venue for the fight and the weapon. Each side has a right to bring 10 observers-seconds and 10 media representatives to ensure that the fight is fair," he said.

A spokesman for Ukraine`s foreign ministry responded by saying that Plotnisky was "worthy only of a duel with a Ukrainian court."

Plotnitsky`s offer became a hot issue on the Internet as to who would win a duel if one takes place. Plotnitsky served as an officer of the former Soviet Union military. The Ukrainian president also served in the Soviet military and is said to have knocked down four military academy cadets in a one-to-four fight. Therefore, many Internet users predict that Plotnitsky would have the advantage in a gun duel, while Poroshenko has the upper hand in a physical fight.