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Human excreta used to protest neighbors’ noise

Posted September. 15, 2014 03:44,   


At 1:57 a.m. on February 5, one man was filmed on CCTV plastering human feces on the front door of a neighbor in an apartment complex in Ulsan.

This marked the ninth use of human excreta, which continued from January 12. The feces were placed indiscriminately on the sides of the door, the handle and in the milk bag. At times there were food waste and even stones thrown in through the windows. These acts took place between half-past-midnight and 2 a.m., making it difficult to catch the culprit. The owner of that home finally checked the CCTV tapes at the apartment management office and found that the “terrorist” was a neighbor residing one floor below. That person, surnamed Lee, confessed that he did so as he was unable to sleep due to excessive noise from the floor above.

The judge sentenced Lee on Sunday to six months in prison and two years of probation on a charge of property damage and ordered parole. The judge said, "Instead of resolving noise by going to the local authorities, assuming the noise came from immediately above without confirming, and tormenting neighbors physically and mentally, deserved a heavy punishment."