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Making fan clubs for criminals is a disease

Posted July. 29, 2014 03:41,   


In year 400 B.C. in Athens lived a prostitute named Phryne. She was on the up and up on the back of her beauty and brightness, but soon faced a difficult situation. She performed naked in a play and was accused of blasphemy that could lead to death sentence. Orator Hypereides who was his lover and became her lawyer used a shock therapy. In court, he undressed the accused and argued that such perfect beauty is the realm of god, ultimately making her unguilty. The Phryne trial that was materialized at a picture of painter Jean Leon in the 19th century shows the power of beauty that influences a trial.

A fan club was opened online for Park Su-gyeong who was arrested by police during investigation on ferry Sewol sinking. Park assisted escape of Yoo Dae-kyun, son of deceased former Sewol owner Yoo Byung-eon. Park and the son had hidden in an officetel in Yongin. A Taekwondo rank-holder, Park had a neat appearance and confident attitude when being arrested. She was later called a beauty guard. Heated interest on her is due mainly to her appearance as shown in the title of the fan club. She was taller than detectives who took her.

Hybristophilia refers to feeling attracted to brutal criminals and helping them. Key case is a woman who married in jail Richard Ramirez who was one of the 31 murderers of the century announced by magazine "Life" in 2009. A former magazine editor in chief, the woman, named Doreen Lioy, fell in love with Ramirez who committed various crimes including 13 murders and sent California into fear in the mid-1980s. She sent love letters to him for 11 years and married him in 1996. In Korea too, fan clubs appeared for murderer Kim Gil-tae and Kang Ho-soon. Experts say socially misfits tend to express their feelings in such a way.

In foreign countries, statistics show that an accused has high possibility of his or her sentence mitigated if having a good look. It is a concern to see an increasing number of people approaching social matters for fun. This is a light behavior that does not consider victims. It is a disease to make a fan club for criminals.