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UDT, Coast Guard elite troops conduct landing drill at Dokdo

UDT, Coast Guard elite troops conduct landing drill at Dokdo

Posted October. 26, 2013 00:18,   


Marking “Dokdo Day” on Friday, the Korean military conducted a Dokdo defense drill in a surprise move to counter possible approach to the easternmost islets by ultra-rightists in Japan, a foreign vessel or aircraft.

“The Navy and the Korea Coast Guard conducted a joint Dokdo defense drill from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the day,” said a source in the military. “By assuming a hypothetical situation where foreigners make surprise landing onto Dokdo, some troops of the underwater demolition team (UDT) of the Navy landed on the islets using choppers (UH-60).” The Naval forces’ landing on Dokdo is an unusual move, and the military did not mobilize troops to land on the islets during the Dokdo defense drill in June this year.

The Defense Ministry originally planned to conduct the latest drill in secret, but changed its stance to publicize the drill to the media, after Japan made provocations with past history, including posting on YouTube of a video clip claiming its sovereignty over Dokdo.

In the drill, forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force were mobilized en mass to block the hypothetical situation of approach by sea and air by Japan’s ultra-rights and others to Dokdo. Five vessels from the Navy First Fleet, including the Korea style destroyer King Gwanggaeto the Great (3,200 ton class), frigates and patrol corvettes and one patrol boat of the Coast Guard were maneuvered for the drill. In the exercise drill, Among those participating were Air defense forces including two F-15K fighter jets of the Air Force, one P-3C patrol plane, 1 UH-60 helicopter, and one CH-47 from the Navy, Army troops, police forces from North Gyeongsang Provincial Police Agency, and Dokdo Defense Squad. UDT from the Navy and special elite troops from the Korea Coast Guard also took part in the exercise, a move that was rather unusual. Marines reportedly were excluded from this drill.