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Bill Clinton receives half a million dollars for 45-minute speech

Bill Clinton receives half a million dollars for 45-minute speech

Posted June. 05, 2013 06:35,   


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton proved again that he is one of the highest-paid speakers in the world.

The New York Post reported on Monday that former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to deliver a 45-minute speech in Rehovot, Israel, to honor Israeli President Shimon Peres for his 90th birthday, quoting the local media. The Jewish National Fund, a non-profit organization, is said to have already paid the speaking fee, 500,000 U.S. dollars, to the former president.

The fee will not go straight into Clinton`s pocket but will go to his William J. Clinton Foundation, which has "the mission to improve global health, strengthen economies, promote healthier childhoods, and protect the environment."

The huge fee of 178 dollars per second has upset Israeli commentators. Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz said, “The fee paid by the nonprofit is a cause for embarrassment.” The editor of Israel Hayom`s English language edition, Amir Mizroch, tweeted: "Aren`t (the JNF) supposed to plant trees with donor cash? I guess money does grow on trees."

One of his biggest paydays (750,000 dollars) came for giving a Hong Kong speech to Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson. The former president receives an average 180,000 dollars per engagement. According to The New York Post, he earned 13.4 million dollars for speeches alone in 2011.

Many media said despite a high fee, Bill Clinton is popular because of his friendly appearance, splendid eloquence, and speech contents based on his various experiences in national affairs. In addition, his wife Hillary Clinton, former U.S. State Secretary is also paid more than 100,000 dollars per hour. Now, the Clinton couple is one of the highest-paid star couples in the world.