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Pres. Park to wrap up personnel appointment soon

Posted April. 12, 2013 08:23,   


President Park Geun-hye reportedly plans to wrap up personnel appointment of high-ranking officials including heads of state-run enterprises until she leaves for the U.S. in early May. A source at the presidential office said, “Personnel appointment will be completed before the May visit to the U.S. It will cover chiefs of public enterprises so that each government organization can operate normally. The scope of the personnel shift is not likely to be small.”

President Park is said to be devoting most of her time between official schedules to personnel appointment. “Though national security is the priority, the principles on how to counteract (any military provocation) have already been set up. Therefore, the president will receive reports on any development regarding the security situation and hold meetings accordingly to handle the matter,” said another source from the presidential office. "Until her official visit to the U.S., she will take care of four major issues – national security, preparation for the U.S. visit, personnel appointment, and the April parliamentary session to pass bills on a supplementary budget and real estate policies.”

President Park is said to finish naming the heads of presidential committees, including the Youth Special Committee, the Grand National Unity Committee, and the Regional Development Committee. Nomination for the Youth Special Committee has been handled by Rep. Kim Sang-min who led the youth special subcommittee during the transitional period. Since Kim is an incumbent lawmaker, however, other person will likely to be tapped as the committee chief. Two candidates including Han Kwang-ok, former chairman of the Democratic United Party and also chief of the national unity subcommittee under the presidential transition committee, are considered to lead the Grand National Unity Committee. Regarding the three deputy chiefs of the National Intelligence Service, the organization has already finished nomination, with only the president’s decision left.

With commencing the communication with the National Assembly including bipartisan leaders, President Park Geun-hye is reportedly determined to push forward her key campaign promise of "national unity." The Grand National Unity Committee will be launched within this month. As a control tower, the committee will not just provide counsel but also likely to have authority to mediate conflictions over major national projects, including the Four River Project.

“During the presidential election, the committee focused on the integration of history and ideologies. But it now needs to provide practical means for the people to discuss matters openly. Members of the committee including its chief can be reappointed,” said a source at the presidential office.