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Tablo`s new song

Posted November. 08, 2012 23:30,   


In the SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” Korean singer Tablo talked about his pain and suffering stemming from an online group called “We Ask Tablo for the Truth.” He said he downplayed public doubts over whether he graduated from Stanford University as no big deal because he did graduate from the school. A false rumor widely spread that he did not. To prove that he did attend Stanford, Tablo brought the original copies of his diploma and academic transcripts because of doubts over copies of certificates, and even one of his professors from Stanford. The group, however, insisted that he did not graduate from the university.

When Tablo went to Stanford with a TV crew, the Web group claimed the people in the documentary were actors. When his friends at the university posted pictures with him on Facebook, the group then attacked his friends and demanded that they prove their graduation from Stanford. Even the National Forensic Service of Korea had to verify his diploma. The group also claimed that Tablo, who has English name Daniel, lived a fake life after stealing an American’s name.

The members of the Internet group visited his home in disguise of police officers and claimed that his family also fabricated their academic backgrounds. Tablo was hit hard after his father, who had recovered from liver cancer, died on the first day of the trial of the Internet group. Certain members of the group admitted fault and confessed that they had a sense of inferiority over Tablo’s high academic background. The group frenzy was caused by a complex over Tablo finishing his Stanford degree earlier than other students, succeeding as a hip-hop artist, and marrying a beautiful actress. “Ressentiment,” or the jealousy and anger of the weak according to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, was concentrated on the musician.

Epik High, a pop group led by Tablo, has released the new song “Don’t Hate Me.” Written and composed by the troubled singer, the tune contains complaints against those who hurt him with the lyrics, “Everybody hits my mouth with a hammer as if I were a nail/My heart is full of holes and my tears drain/I can’t laugh. Why me/Is there any reason why people hate someone/ (ellipsis)/yuck/It becomes controversial when they breathe with me, a public enemy/the gum of the public/You who dance and enjoy on the cutting board.”

A celebrity is never free from scrutiny and interest from the public. A famous singer is the celebrity of celebrities. But criticism of the famous should be based on accurate facts.

Editorial Writer Chung Sung-hee (shchung@donga.com)