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Busan man killed self to spare caring burden for his children

Busan man killed self to spare caring burden for his children

Posted October. 20, 2012 04:41,   


A 50-something man who was found drowned in Busan last week was known to have committed suicide to spare his two children the burden of caring for a bankrupt and sick father.

The body of a drowned man was found 3:40 p.m. Oct. 13 in a Nakdong River estuary in Busan. Torn plastic bags were tied around his ankles with tape, and police said the stones seemed to have been put in the plastic bags to help the body to sink to the bottom of the river.

The deceased was identified as a 57-year-old resident of Busan’s Dong district.

Police said he seemed to have committed suicide after writing a will for his son and daughter. Both copies of his will were found in a desk drawer, and he wrote on each of the envelopes, “To my son,” and “To my beloved daughter.”

The man was apparently depressed over his financial difficulty as well as his failing health ahead of Oct. 13, the day he was to meet his daughter`s future in-laws before her wedding.

In the will to his son, the man wrote, “My eyesight is getting worse. If my cerebral infarction progresses, I can turn into a vegetable. A blind father-in-law will be too much for your future wife to deal with. So I believe that this is the best solution. I’m concerned about funeral costs so I’ll make sure nobody can find my body. Don’t try to find my body.”

His wife had died 25 years ago, and he was suffering from glaucoma and diagnosed with Grade 4 visual impairment. He was also recently hospitalized to treat cerebral infarction.

The man`s credit rating kept falling due to hospital costs until he became a credit delinquent with debt around 100 million won (90,700 U.S. dollars). Despite earning a low salary, his son gave him 400,000 won (363 dollars) per month for his medical bills.

In the will to his daughter, the man said, “I thought I should end my life when I can still see and move around myself. The man you’ll marry seems to have a very good character. I’m happy to know that your future parents-in-law are good people.”

The end of his will said, “My beloved son and daughter, you make me feel happy whenever I think of you. My children, I will help you, even in heaven. From your no-good father...”

A funeral-style photo of the deceased was found in a desk drawer in his son’s room. Police said, “He must have taken the picture secretly and put it in the drawer before committing suicide.”