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Pres. Lee Urges Staff to Think `Young Thoughts`

Posted August. 01, 2010 08:16,   


President Lee Myung-bak urged his new staff Friday to think "young thoughts" to nurture the spirit of youth and challenge.

Chairing his first meeting with the presidential office staff after the latest reshuffle, he said public officeholders must adapt to "generational change."

"While talking about generational change with age is important, what is more necessary is to have young thoughts," his spokeswoman Kim Hee-jung quoted the president as saying. "One needs young thoughts to communicate with young people."

President Lee also said the most dangerous people in the public sector are "old" young men, a comment which has drawn attention with a Cabinet reshuffle imminent. He hinted at attaching greater importance to way of thinking than to biological age.

After the Cabinet reshuffle, sources say President Lee will put emphasis on the spirit of youth and challenge in his Liberation Day speech scheduled for August 15.

He said August 25 will mark the turning point of his five-year term, and despite talk of a lame-duck presidency, he pledged to "do his best until the last minute."

Saying his administration is "off to an ethically clean start" free from controversy over political funds, the president promised to remain consistent and urged his administration to do the same.

He also urged smooth communication and exchanges among his staff in that good cooperation creates good results.