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Stem Cell Line Registration Begins

Posted January. 01, 2010 08:38,   


All human stem cell lines created in Korea or imported from other countries must be registered with the Korea Centers for Disease and Control from today.

The Health, Welfare and Family Affairs Ministry yesterday said all human embryo stem cell lines must be registered with the disease center with the introduction of the new system. Stem cell lines refer to cell lines that can continuously multiply and be diversified in various cells under the conditions where they can be cultivated.

The new registration system, however, is confined to human embryo stem cell lines. Adult stem cells created by using tissues from the body such as cord blood are not subject to the new registry.

Scientists and researchers must register human embryo stem cell lines they have on the disease center`s Web site (kscr.nih.go.kr) or by mail. The Stem Cell Line Registry Consultation Advisory Committee, comprising experts from the center, will review the candidates scientifically and decide whether they can be registered or not.

There is an estimated 70-80 stem cell lines created in Korea or from abroad.

When the registry system is introduced, experts say stem cell researchers can exchange knowledge more actively.

Researcher Kim Yong-woo said, “Some 50 Korean research teams didn`t know what kind of stem cell lines other people have, but if the registry is introduced, we can see who is studying what kind of stem cell lines through the Web site. This will also allow researchers to differentiate each other`s stem cell lines.”