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Dong-A CEO Meets Head of Leading Chinese Daily

Posted August. 25, 2008 08:29,   


Dong-A Ilbo President Kim Jae-ho and People’s Daily of China President Zhang Yannong have agreed to help the peoples of both countries to understand each other better and thus build a better future together.

Kim and Zhang held their talks Friday in Beijing, as Kim was invited to watch the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics by the state-run Chinese daily.

Zhang said, “We have covered the modernization process of Korea to the Chinese people, and the success story is a mirror for us. We are undergoing the same process now, an experience which we`ve not had in the past.”

Kim replied, “The three Asian countries of China, Japan and Korea have hosted the Olympics, and share a culture based on Chinese script and Confucianism. All three of us are thriving on similar cultural soil.”

The four-hour dinner meeting was also attended by leading executives of The People`s Daily. The details of the talks were posted on the official homepage of the Chinese newspaper.

Prior to the meeting, The People’s Daily interviewed Kim for an article. He will also hold another interview with a sister newspaper of the Chinese daily specialized in international affairs.

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