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Colleges to Independently Decide Student Admissions Beginning 2012

Colleges to Independently Decide Student Admissions Beginning 2012

Posted January. 23, 2008 07:38,   


Beginning 2009, the classification system of the Korean Standard Aptitude Test (KSAT) will be abolished and, instead, colleges will select students independently based on the KSAT and high school records.

Beginning with the 2012 KSAT exam, students will take only five subjects. Currently, at most eight subjects are taken for college entrance. And in 2013, English portion of the KSAT will be replaced with English Proficiency Test, which students can take at anytime.

The presidential transition committee released “The Three Step Roadmap for Independent College Admission” on Tuesday in an attempt to replace the classification system and to make the college admission process completely independent from the government.

Stage 1: To fill the gap left by the classification system starting 2009, and allow colleges to decide the percentage of the screening factor on their own. Stage 2: To reduce the number of subjects tested on the KSAT to five. Stage 3: Once the proper conditions are in place after 2012, to allow colleges to choose students completely independently.

Like this year’s entering class, the committee also decided to offer standardized scores and percentages to colleges, allowing them to consider various data for admissions.

As colleges are allowed to decide the weight of school records and the KSAT in their admissions process, the importance of the KSAT is expected to grow compared with that of school records in the admission process.

The schedule for the 2009 college admissions process, including the KSAT test date, which was announced last year, will remain in effect.

In return for turning over the college admissions planning function, which belonged to the Education and Human Resources Ministry, to the Korean Council for University Education, the transition committee will let the Council independently dictate the exams colleges give.

The committee decided to reduce the number of test subjects to five from the current eight – Korean, mathematics, English, four electives in social science and science, and a second foreign language or Chinese characters. Students who get into college in 2012 will choose only two subjects among the four electives in science and social science, and a second foreign language or Chinese characters.

With a domestic English Proficiency Test replacing the English portion of the KSAT, the number of test subjects will be reduced to four by 2013.

However, a spokesman for President Roh Moo-hyun criticized the incoming government, saying, “There are concerns that making changes without providing timely notification could put teachers, students, and parents into great confusion.”

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