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Discovery of Celadon Porcelain from Goryeo Dynasty

Posted October. 12, 2007 06:48,   


A 12th Century celadon porcelain was recently excavated from beneath the front shore of Daeseom in Taean, Chungnam. A doomed carrier from the noted time-period is presumed to have set sail from Gangjin, Jeonnam Province, only to fail in reaching the intended destination of the then capital, Gaegyeong. The discovery efforts were made by staff of the Cultural Heritage Administration’s National Maritime Museum. The discovery of a toad-shaped inkstone, observed to have been made through the metal-aging technique, was a first. A lion-shaped cassolette, featuring a humorous depiction style, was noted for its rarity. Excavation at the site began on August 5, and has since turned up 19,000 artifacts considered to be credit-worthy discoveries.