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Imported Animal Feed Sold for Use in Human Food Products

Imported Animal Feed Sold for Use in Human Food Products

Posted August. 04, 2007 03:39,   


The Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office arrested a man yesterday who is only known by his last name Sohn. Sohn is accused of having sold imported corn and other animal feed as materials for human food products.

The DA’s office also decided to indict 14 accomplices without seeking the habeas corpus procedure, claiming they processed the inedible materials and sold them as materials for food products.

According to a press release, the 14 individuals and companies, including one chaebol company, bought 4,400 tons of imported corn at auction. The corn was originally shipped from the United States and China as animal feed from January 2004 to April this year. But the shipment got rotten in the course of transportation and downgraded to fertilizer.

Prosecutors claim a South Korean chaebol company knowingly aided and abetted the crime. The DA’s office said that the company did not report the foul play to the authorities, knowing that a food processing company had bought and sold 400 tons of animal feed barley to be used in human food products.

The prosecution discovered more than one million dollars’ worth of rotten products had been sold. The suspects used 350 tons of feed barley, and 500 tons of fertilizer corn.

“At present, we are yet to discover any evidence of the inflow of rotten products into large beverage companies. But we will continue to look into this matter. We have to know how the grains were imported and who bought and processed them,” said a source at the DA’s office.

The price of grain has shot up recently. More and more South Koreans favor healthy drinks over regular sodas. Thus, beverage manufacturers have “consumed” a huge amount of corn and barley as materials. For example, the corn price was 50 cents per kilogram last year, while it now costs $1.50 this year.