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Habits That Promote Wrinkles

Posted July. 02, 2007 03:02,   


Wrinkle formation varies according to gender, races, and regions people live in. Men have fewer wrinkles than women, because their skin is thicker and has more collagen that keeps their skin elastic. On top of that, their skin color is generally darker than women’s, protecting them from ultra-violet rays.

People living in high mountain areas have more wrinkles because ultra-violet rays are stronger there. Another reason is that most mountainous areas are underdeveloped, lacking tall buildings to screen the sun.

Wrinkles are not hereditary. If you wonder why a parent and child often have the same pattern of wrinkles, lifestyle and the similar looks are the answer, not genetics.

Botox, the leading choice in the field of wrinkle improvement, could result in unnatural, expressionless face if used in excess. Experts say that people using Botox should not be too ambitious and leave part of their wrinkles to make their face expressions more natural.

Habits to help you have less wrinkles-

The face is usually lined with muscles that make facial expressions. Look into a mirror often and detect your particularly habitual expressions. If you unconsciously make horizontal wrinkles on your forehead or frontal wrinkles, straighten your back, loosen your eyes and slightly raise your head so that your eyes are comfortable.

If you have Crow’s feet, the small wrinkles around your eyes, tone down your smiles so that they are not too broad or too small. Opening your eyes big and rolling the eyeballs will help relax the muscles around the eyes.

If you have wrinkles on your nose, straighten your back, make your face bright and stroke your forehead backward often.

Stress and long exposure to sunrays deepen your Glabella wrinkles, or the wrinkles between your eyebrows. To improve these kinds of wrinkles, do not frown and widen the area with your fingers often. To reduce wrinkles connecting your nosewings and lips (nasolabial wrinkles), say “a-e-i-o-u” 10 to 20 times in front of the mirror everyday.

A healthy lifestyle is important-

To prevent wrinkles, I) do not bend your neck to a particular direction habitually, ii) sit straight, and iii) do not prop your chin with your hands on a table. Straighten your back and neck. High pillows make your neck wrinkle. When sleeping, change the position of your head often. Sleeping face down on a pillow is a bad habit because it deprives your face of elasticity.

Some people slap or massage their faces hard when applying lotion or skin. This habit does not help the absorption process of the substances, because the pain makes the skin contract. You must massage your skin very sensitively like you would treat a baby’s skin regardless of your age. Eating a lot of fruit containing vitamin C, such as pineapples, strawberries, and peaches also helps prevent wrinkles.