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Delinquent Taxpayer List Revealed

Posted December. 18, 2006 07:04,   


A person by the surname Lee in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province was publicly humiliated as his name was revealed on the web for failing to pay a total of 3.799 billion won in local taxes for over two years.

Local taxes include capital gains tax, corporate tax, acquisition tax, property tax, and resident tax, which take up 10 percent of the comprehensive income tax.

Two former presidents of large companies with surnames Choi and Chung will be fully named as they have back taxes worth 3.616 billion won and 1.311 billion won, respectively. The number of delinquent taxpayers reached 1,149, and taxes in arrears amounted to 360.171 billion won based on data from local governments this year.

In accordance with local tax code revised last year, the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs confirmed a list of 1,149 tax defaulters and is making public their private information including names, addresses, and the amount of back taxes on local government web pages starting today. This is the first time such information is made public.

Taxpayers, both individuals and companies, who failed to pay taxes worth over 100 million won for more than two years, will be on the list.

Local governments went over deliberation by a local tax disciplinary committee and confirmed the list after pressing them for payment or providing an opportunity to explain their situation for half a year.

The ministry announced yesterday that the list would be up there for a full year given the gravity of their repeated refusal to pay the due taxes, even though they paid them afterwards.

On the list, there are 529 companies and 620 individuals. By industry, 278 are from construction, with 198 from manufacturing, and 154 from wholesale and retail businesses.

By area, Seoul saw the biggest number, a total of 640 delinquents with 218.239 billion won in back taxes, followed by Busan`s 158 (38.826 billion won), Daegu`s 47 (13.485 billion won), and Gwangju`s 40 (9.665 billion won).