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Jeonnam Wins FA Soccer Championship

Posted December. 04, 2006 06:44,   

Updated January. 04, 2018 15:30


After it was over, Hur Jung-moo, manager of the Jeonnam Dragons, smiled.

The Jeonnam Dragons defeated Suwon Samsung, led by Cha Bum-kun, in the FA Cup final match held in Seoul World Cup Stadium on December 3. With the 2-0 victory, the team won their second FA Cup after they won their first in 1997. As for Hur, he might have had a personal reason to be delighted since he has ended up with three wins and one draw this season against his old rival Cha.

It was in the 56th minute when the balance of the close battle was tipped. Jeonnam뭩 midfielder Park Jong-woo dribbled the ball to the right goal line and crossed it into the penalty area to his teammate Song Jeong-hyun. The ball struck by Song went into the left side of the goal after being reflected by Suwon뭩 defender, Mato. In the 85th minute, Kim Tae-su scored another goal to seal the game. His goal was assisted by Sandro Hiroshi who shook off two Suwon defenders and passed the ball to the opposite side.

Shouts and cheers were echoing in the stadium as Jeonnam supporters put on the biggest display of away-support in Korean pro soccer history. They rented 50 buses and came all the way north from Gwangyang. Suwon뭩 goalie, Lee Woon-jae showed up on the pitch for the first time after four-and-a-half months since July 15.