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Posted October. 23, 2006 07:01,   


There are roughly two types of skin: dry or oily skin. In winter, people with dry skin can have many skin troubles because their skin becomes extremely dry in winter. It is likely that skin will lose 15~20 times more hydrogen than normal skin when the horny layer of the skin is destroyed.

For example, many Koreans like to exfoliate when they go to the public bathtub. However, if the outer layer of the skin gets destroyed during the process, it takes as long as weeks for recovery.

Lee Ju-heung, a Samsung Seoul Hospital dermatologist, says, “People usually think that they are boosting hydrogen when they take baths. However, because of soaps and exfoliating, they are actually losing hydrogen. Therefore, anybody who has exfoliated their skin extremely must take intensive care of their skin for at least one or two weeks. Also, they should be careful when taking baths.”

Especially, in the case of the elderly, skin dryness problems can become more serious. The outer part of legs and arms are prone to asteatotic eczema. It will be better not to exfoliate those parts.

People should avoid excessive bathing. Also, the bathing time should not exceed 15 minutes. There are many mid-aged men who go to saunas everyday or bath with hot water to control their conditions. However, these habits can bring about skin problems. Also, the aging process of the skin will speed up.

When taking a bath, one should not use towels to rub soap on one’s body. Instead, one should use non-irritating soap and rub it smoothly as if using a lotion. Also, one will be well advised to only rub sweaty places such as the groin, armpits, and breasts. After taking a bath, rubbing one’s skin with a dry towel is not a good idea. Slightly pressing one’s body will be better. In the case of using lotions or body oils, it will be good to use them when water is left on one’s body.

Changing eating habits-

Mental stress, restlessness, coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages cause itchy skin. When a person is exposed to stress, it is important to get rest. Also, drinking at least six glasses of water a day will help.

Kim Yoon-beom, a professor at Kyung Hee University, says, “Drinking barley tea is a good solution to itchy skin problems. Instead, the barley should not be roasted. Using aloe is also a good way to deal with itchy skin.”

Eating fruits and vegetables can prevent skin problems too because those foods have lots of water. Also, avocado and mango have much vitamin A and E. Therefore, those will be good at protecting your skin from dryness. Vitamin A boosts skin elasticity, and other fruits and vegetables will prevent hydrogen loss. On the other hand, cigarette smoke and food made out of flour, sugar will aggravate skin problems.