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Roh Nephew Denies Video Gambling Link

Posted August. 21, 2006 03:06,   


President Roh’s nephew Roh Ji-won, 42, is now in controversy over his alleged involvement as a director of Woojyun Systec, which was later bought by Ziko Prime, a distribution and sales company of adult gambling machines.

“I think the company hired me, to some extent, with an intention to take an advantage of President Roh’s influence,” Roh said.

“Although [Lee, former Woojyun Systec CEO] offered me a CEO position at the beginning, I decided to work as a director because Cheong Wa Dae asked me to be cautious of rumors,” Roh explained on Saturday during a telephone interview with the Dong-A Ilbo.

“I had already had an acquaintance with former CEO Lee,” Roh added.

“However, as you can see from my career record, I am not an ignorant in the IT field. I worked for Korea Telecom. It’s easy to find former KT employees at small or medium companies working as executive directors,” Roh stressed.

In this regard, Jeon Hae-cheol, senior presidential secretary for civil affairs, on Sunday announced, “Although former Woojyun Systec CEO Lee suggested a couple of offers to help Roh Ji-won, (Cheong Wa Dae) did not accept (the offers).

“When Roh received the co-CEO position offer, we told him not to take it. We also warned the former CEO many times not to exploit Roh’s status as the president’s nephew for commercial purposes,” Jeon said during the press conference held on the day.

Meanwhile, Roh said, “I didn’t know about the merge of Woojyun Systec into Ziko Prime until May 23, 2006, when the deal was completed. I quit the company because I found out Ziko Prime was a gambling machine distribution company. It was obvious people would gossip over my involvement as the president’s nephew.”

”Roh was not at all involved in the process of the merger and acquisition. Although Roh accepted 280,000 shares of Woojyun Systec during the company’s new share offering in September 2003, he returned the stocks in November 2003 upon the request of the presidential secretary office for civil office,“ Jeon added.

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