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“The Frog Boys Went to the Shooting Range to Collect Bullets”

“The Frog Boys Went to the Shooting Range to Collect Bullets”

Posted September. 30, 2002 22:56,   


The Dalso Police Station in Daegu got information on the 30th that ‘the frog boys got killed by misconceived gun shots,’ and the boys went to collect bullet heads in army shooting range near the place where their remains were found, so it is investigating whether those are true or not.

The police announced that a resident Mr. Han (43. unemployed. Woram-Dong, Dalso-Gu, Daegu) visited the investigation headquarter on the 28th of last month and said, “While I was working as a shoeshine man near the old Dalso-Gu Office in Daegu on the middle of July, a customer in his early 30’s said that he killed boys while he was in the army.”

According to Mr. Han, the man said that while he was in the army, 5 children appeared and 2 got shot, and 1 was dead and 1 was wounded, so he moved all 5 of them, suffocated them, and shot to death in order to cover up the incident.

The Police are grasping the detailed look of that person and conversation.

In relation to this, the police got a statement that the boys went to the shooting range of an army station (250m away from where the remains of the boys were found) to collect bullet heads, so they are investigating whether the shooting range is related to their death or not.

Mr. Kim, a friend of the dead Park, Chan-IN, stated, “I used to go to near the shooting range with the frog boys, and even the day they disappeared I was going to the shooting range with them but I said my legs hurt and went home.”

And Mr. Lee (22) said, “I did not get along with the frog boys that much, but I saw them at around 10 in the morning on the day they disappeared went to the mountain saying that they were going to the shooting range.”

The Police found out that a tomb, which was 5m away from where the remains were found, was recently moved and branches were trimmed, so the police is investigating the person who moved the tomb about the time of moving the tomb and whether he found the remains of the frog boys while moving the tomb.