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Korean TV Series to Be Aired First Time in Japan

Posted August. 18, 2002 22:38,   


A Korean TV series will hit Japanese households for the first time. Korean drama distributor Korea Entertainment said on August 18 that Japanese terrestrial broadcaster TV Asahi has agreed to broadcast MBC miniseries “All about Eve” beginning October 11 at 11:55 p.m. every Friday.

This marks the first time that a Korean TV series is aired throughout Japan although some Korean actors and actresses appeared in Japanese TV series or the two countries jointly produced dramas before.

The TV drama enjoyed great popularity when it was aired in Korea from April 26 though July 6 2000, setting the highest rating at 45.2% as well as recording a high average viewer rating of 29.7% The hit series, which was later exported to a number of Asian and Latin American countries, features famous Korean actors and actresses like Kim So-yeon, Chae-rim, Jang Dong-gun and Han Jae-suck.

It tells about a story of aspiration, love and family tie centering on two heroines wishing to become TV news anchorwomen.

“The series is about passion, friendship, family tie, jealousy and conflict, feelings Japanese have long lost,” said TV Asahi. “It will tell young generations a fresh new story, while reminding older generations of their young days. We can see Confucian Korean culture in the way the drama describes relationships between parents and children, seniors and juniors and men and women.”

Actress Chae-rim and Kim So-yeon plan to visit Japan early next month to attend a variety of promotional events such as press interviews.

Young-Ee Lee yes202@donga.com