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[Gourmet Cuisine] IL-San `` Noorung Ji Hut``- Pumpkin Cuisine

[Gourmet Cuisine] IL-San `` Noorung Ji Hut``- Pumpkin Cuisine

Posted July. 28, 2001 08:55,   


The middle period of the dog days are past and the weather is getting more hotter and hotter. There are many special foods for summer such as cold noodle (nangmoyn), chicken soup with ginseng (Samgyetang), even dog soup (Booshintang). Yet the menu is not so new that we cannot expect any novelty or freshness from them.

Dong Ui Bo Gam (A medical book in Joosun Dynasty) says ``pumpkin is sweet and has good combination of nutrition; it makes inner organs comfortable and clears the soul.`` IL San Dong Il San Goo Kyoung Ki Do, ``Noorung Ji Hut`` has a special cuisine made of pumpkin. (031-977-2993~4)

Pumpkin Jongsick (14000w) or special Jongsick (20000W) includes pumpkin soup and pumpkin rice. Pumpkin soup has only the all natural spices.

Pumpkin rice is a combination of various kinds of rice with pumpkin flesh, chestnut, ginkgo nut and jujube served in the pumpkin shell. The sweet pumpkin makes a beautiful harmony with rice; it is also good with the side dishes of 4 kinds of vegetable and pumpkin leaves.

Pumpkin octopus bulgogi (Bulnagyank pumpkin soup) with typical pumpkin flavor

is also great. Other side dishes in Jongsick menu are very nutritious, special and good: lotus root rice, barely rice in stone pot, clam bread, and mushrooms with butter. Bite size scorched rice is also good. Pork barbecue and Chick nangmyon are another options.

The direction: Enter Jayoo Lo and go to the Bac Ma bridge in Jang Han IC. In Bac Ma Bridge, turn left to the Bong il Chyon side and go 2.5 km more. You can watch good scenery of the train with an old train sound. Reservation is needed for weekend. Parking is available.