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Samsung Elec. breaks 300 mln mark in handset production

Posted December. 12, 2011 02:23,   


Samsung Electronics says it produces 300 million mobile handsets per year, a volume when stacked vertically would stand 300 times higher than Mount Everest (8,850 meters).

The tech giant produced a million handsets in 1996, 100 million in 2005, 200 million in 2009, and 300 million two years later, posting astonishing production growth. After entering mobile handset manufacturing, the company has produced a cumulative 1.6 billion units, a number equal to 23 percent of the world population of 7 billion people.

Nokia, which maintains the world`s top spot in mobile handset production, surpassed 300 million units in annual shipments in 2006 in a world first. The Finnish company has been supplying more than 400 million units per year since 2007.

A Samsung source said, “We attained the 300 million mark because we`ve introduced hit models in succession by banking on upscale designs and cutting-edge technology in ‘full product lineup’ ranging from feature phones (ordinary handsets), touch phones and smartphones."

Samsung also says it has succeeded because it has become the top supplier in the smartphone market, which has seen exponential growth, by introducing the popular Galaxy smartphone series.

After selling more than 10 million units of its Galaxy S model last year, Samsung also sold more than 10 million units of its Galaxy S 2 in five months after launching it in late April. Because of this, Samsung was the global top supplier of smartphones in the third quarter this year, beating Apple and Nokia.

Samsung also ranks first in the market for 4G long term evolution, or LTE, with 33 percent of the global market. The company aims to keep its lead in the global mobile handset market through innovative products, including the just-launched Galaxy Note, a hybrid of a smartphone and tablet PC.

A Samsung source said, “The attainment of the 300 million mark in mobile handsets effectively demonstrates that Korea is taking the center stage in the global mobile handset market."