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Former factory site undergoes transformation as cultural space  

Former factory site undergoes transformation as cultural space  

Posted October. 04, 2023 08:03,   

Updated October. 04, 2023 08:03


The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on Wednesday that it would open the site previously used as by Sampyo RMC located in Seongsoo-dong on Thursday.

The site has been used as factory for Sampyo since 1977. Public access had been cut off since August last year since the factory was torn down and fence erected around the site. The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seongdong District Office is planning to develop the site as a global business district.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to use the site as a cultural space for the public for two years before developing the site for business operational purposes and signed an MOU with the Seongdong District Office and Sampyo in May this year. Construction plans include a concert hall (8,500㎡), grass field (4,880㎡), and parking lot (10,380㎡).

The government is running an international open competition on architect design for the business district plan once the two-year term ends. A preferred bidder will be selected for negotiation. “The site will be designed as an urban space that functionally and physically connects the industrial, cultural, transportational aspects of the city,” said an official with the Seoul government.