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Kim Gi-hyeon appoints ‘Pro-Yoon-TK’ as new Secretary General

Kim Gi-hyeon appoints ‘Pro-Yoon-TK’ as new Secretary General

Posted October. 17, 2023 08:09,   

Updated October. 17, 2023 08:09


Kim Ki-hyun, head of the People's Power Party (PPP), has announced the appointment of Lee Man-hee as the new Secretary-General. Recently re-elected from the Daegu-Gyeongbuk (TK) region, Lee is well-recognized for his strong ties to President Yoon Suk Yeol, often dubbed "pro-Yoon."

"Our party aims to enhance its pivotal role in reflecting the voice of the public within the intricate relationship that binds the ruling party, the government, and the presidential office," the party leader told the media. In light of the party's recent debacle in the Gangseo District by-election held last Wednesday, concerns have risen within the ruling party. Doubts over Kim's commitment to genuine reform have intensified, particularly following his decision to assign key leadership, such as the secretary general position, to individuals from the Yeongnam (southeastern) region, mirroring his origins and those of Floor Leader Yun Jae-ok.

In a related move, the ruling party confirmed the appointment of Rep. Lee Man-hee, echoing the background of his predecessor, Lee Chul-gyu, who was a police officer. Lee Chul-gyu had previously resigned, shouldering the responsibility for the by-election setback. While Rep. Lee Man-hee is often considered neutral in party factionalism, he notably served as the key aide to President Yoon during his presidential campaign. During this year's top leadership elections, he garnered notable support from the pro-Yoon camp.

Yoo Eui-dong, hailing from the Seoul metropolitan region and distinctively "non-Yoon," has been named the Policy Committee chair in another significant appointment. Yoo's past associations have aligned him with Yoo Seung-min, particularly during his tenure as the preliminary election committee chair for Yoo Seung-min, the gubernatorial candidate for Gyeonggi Province. Further, Rep. Kim Sung-won (Dongducheon-Yeoncheon in Gyeonggi Province), a pro-Yoon stalwart, has been tapped to lead the Yeouido Institute, the party's premier think tank.

“The party will foster a healthier rapport between the party and the government," PPP leader Kim said in his address to the top leadership on the day. “We will make efforts on meticulous prior coordination on pressing issues, ensuring alignment, and taking assertive corrective actions when decisions deviate from public expectations." This stance is perceived as a nod to the prior day's assembly demand for recalibrating the hierarchical dynamic between the presidential office and the party.

Party insiders have offered mixed reviews of Kim's reformative approach. While some regard it as a tactical move to swiftly address internal discord, others are more skeptical, asserting, "The party's future hinges on a leadership change."