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Opposition leader calls for vigilance against President Yoon

Opposition leader calls for vigilance against President Yoon

Posted September. 07, 2023 08:27,   

Updated September. 07, 2023 08:27


Lee Jae-myung, the leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, has asserted that any actions taken by the president that contravene the people's will should result in his removal from office. In response, the People Power Party has condemned Lee’s remarks, labeling them as an attempt to incite rebellion against the duly elected government.

During a recent YouTube interview with broadcaster Kim Eo-joon, Lee stated, “We must remain vigilant to ensure that those in positions of power genuinely serve the interests of the people. If they engage in actions that undermine the will and welfare of the people, they should be removed. This is the essence of democracy.” The leader of the Democratic Party further suggested that President Yoon seems to be pursuing a long-term grip on power and authoritarian rule through a comprehensive overhaul of the existing system, culture, and legal institutions. Lee’s remarks followed earlier mentions of “impeachment” of President Yoon by Democratic Party lawmakers Seol Hoon and Kim Doo-gwan.

Yoo Sang-beom, the chief spokesperson of the People Power Party, issued a statement likening the repeated calls for impeachment by the opposition party to an act aimed at inciting rebellion against the government, which was elected by the people and founded on the principles of the Constitution. Jeon Joo-hye, the floor spokesperson of the People Power Party, also condemned the Democratic Party, characterizing them as “addicted to impeachment” and their related remarks as “a pathetic façade.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-myung remains embroiled in an ongoing power struggle with the prosecution, which is investigating allegations that he illicitly transferred funds to North Korea through a businessperson. The Suwon Prosecutor’s Office reported that Lee’s legal representative indicated his willingness to cooperate with the investigation on September 12. An official from the prosecution office noted, “Lee failed to appear at the prosecution’s office on two prior occasions, and his hunger strike is currently hindering the progress of the investigation. We have insisted that the investigation must take place no later than September 7 to 9.” A key official within the Democratic Party expressed concern that maintaining an image of evading the investigation while the prosecution manipulates media coverage would be detrimental to Lee’s reputation.

Seong-Taek Jeong neone@donga.com