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'700,000 won to parents of 0-year-old infants' scheduled to be paid

'700,000 won to parents of 0-year-old infants' scheduled to be paid

Posted January. 04, 2023 07:51,   

Updated January. 04, 2023 07:51


From Jan. 25, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will pay 700,000 won per month to parents with children under the age of 0 (0-11 months) and 350,000 won to parents with children aged one and over (12-23 months). Until last year, the system that paid 300,000 won per month to parents of children under the age of one under the infant allowance has been expanded and reorganized. However, the beneficiary must apply for the benefit directly to receive the benefits. How to receive the benefits, how to apply for them, etc., have been organized in a Q&A format as follows:

― Are parental benefits automatically paid when a child is born?

“No, it is not an automatic payment. Parents must apply for benefits within 60 days after giving birth by accessing Bokjiro (www.bokjiro.go.kr) or the website of Government 24 or by visiting a local community service center. They can apply after 60 days have passed, but they cannot receive benefits retroactively.”

― When is the payment date for parental benefits?

“The money will be deposited on the 25th of each month to the account registered at the time of application.”

― Are benefits paid for children born last year?

"Yes, parents receiving the existing infant allowance (300,000 won per month) will automatically be converted to parental benefits without having to apply separately, increasing the amount they receive. If you gave birth in September last year, you will receive 700,000 won per month from January to August this year and 350,000 won per month from September when the child turns 1.

― There is talk that parental benefits will increase next year. Is this true?

"Yes. From 2024, benefits of 1 million won for 0-year-olds, and 500,000 won for 1-year-olds will be paid out. Parents who have already been receiving benefits will receive the increased amount without applying for a new one.”

― Can parents receive both parental leave benefits and parental benefits?”

"Yes. A child allowance of 100,000 won per month and 2 million won for the ‘first meeting certificate,’ which is paid once at childbirth, will also be paid in duplicate.”

― Are parents sending their children to daycare eligible to receive parental benefits?

“For example, if your child is 0 years old, you will only receive 186,000 won, which is the parental benefits (700,000 won) minus the childcare subsidy (514,000 won). However, applicable parents must register an account on the Bokjiro website or at the Eup, Myeon, or Dong community service center by the 15th of this month. They can apply after the 15th but cannot receive benefits retroactively.

― Can parents who use full-day childcare services receive the same benefits?

“Government subsidies for child care services and parental benefits cannot be paid in duplicate. Parents must choose one of the two. The child care subsidy is paid as much as the parents “use” the service, and the subsidy rate differs depending on the parent’s income level. Parents should carefully consider which of the two subsidies is more beneficial. Based on a family of four, if the household income is less than 4.05 million won (75% of the median income) per month, the amount of childcare subsidy is higher. On the other hand, if the household income of 4 people is between 4.05 million and 6.49 million won (75-120% of the median income) per month and the service usage time is “less than 106 hours per month,” it is more advantageous to apply for parental benefits.”