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Some form of reciprocity

Posted November. 25, 2022 07:41,   

Updated November. 25, 2022 07:41


Considering the grace that appointed him, the respect for the poet's prominent minister, Zhang Jiuling, was exceptional. Initially, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang's confidence in Zhang Jiuling was steadfast, but he did not have the wits to withstand the scheming of influential figures such as Li Linfu. Watching Zhang Jiuling's demotion to Jingzhou after serving as Grand chancellor, the poet felt ashamed at the helplessness of being unable to do anything because he was only in a low-ranking position.

"I will soon delve into farming and grow old in the countryside" was a dream that the poet pursued, but it was also a careful criticism of the reality that Zhang was treated contemptuously in the court. The decision not to attach importance to public office was the best way for a poet to repay and sympathize with Chancellor Zhang. Still, it must have been a pity that he couldn't convey his feelings even to the wild goose.

Wang Wei was a talented person who had already made a name for himself in the capital before he turned 20. Thanks to his deep knowledge of poetry, painting, and music, he had close exchanges with the upper classes of society, including the imperial family. He had already passed the state examination in his early 20s. The statement "no one in the whole world cared" s shows the poet's exaggerated humility in this respect. However, Zhang Jiuling reappointed Wang Wei, who had retired from office and had been living in seclusion for several years.