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King Charles gives termination notice to staff during queen’s service

King Charles gives termination notice to staff during queen’s service

Posted September. 15, 2022 07:56,   

Updated September. 15, 2022 07:56


King Charles III was caught again on camera losing his temper over a pen leaking on him during his official schedule.

On Tuesday, the Guardian reported that King Charles III vented his frustration while signing a visitor’s book at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast. According to the report, when Charles realized that he used the wrong date, Sept. 12, he said with frustration, “Did I write the 12th? I hate this.”

After signing, King Charles III looked at his hand with ink stains from the leaking fountain pen, took out his handkerchief and wiped his hand roughly, then said, “Oh God, I hate this (pen)! I can’t bear this bloody thing…every stinking time,” as he walked away while Camilla, Queen Consort was signing the visitor’s book.

A former aide to King Charles III told Reuters that Charles could be an interesting person but is impetuous and fussy. At the coronation on Sep. 10, King Charles III motioned for an aide to move the ink pot as he signed Royal Proclamation.

Staff from Clarence House, King Charles III’s former official residence, are known to have received termination notice during the queen’s service. The Guardian reported as of Sep. 13 that there are as many as 100 employees that they could lose their jobs. They say they received the notice on Monday during the service for the queen. There are 101 regular employees at Clarence House as of this year. King Charles III’s residence and the office is yet to be decided.

Some pity King Charles III. “I think it’s possible to read too much into a bit of grouchiness from someone who has been traveling non-stop since his mother (Queen Elizabeth II) died last Thursday," UK Times history correspondent Jack Blackburn said on his Twitter account.