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Way back

Posted December. 04, 2021 07:27,   

Updated December. 04, 2021 07:27


You may find sci-fi films an absurd con because they all talk about aliens and spaceships. The beauty of these movies does not lie in an unfamiliar imagination that goes, “Whatever you imagine, you will see the more,” but comes from the proposition that you should look at humans from a perspective of those outside the planet. What do humans look like to non-human intelligence from the outer world or what are they supposed to? Here is where sci-fi movies are at play to explore answers.

We miss a warm heart among AI and robots with no heart in them. Likewise, we wish to feel something warm in the middle of winter. A desire for warmth only grows as the world gets bitter with fewer channels to warmth left open. A feeling of warmth becomes one of the most longed-for qualities in a brutal and freezing world crowed with cold-hearted folks. That is why this short but warm-felt poetry is the best choice for us today.

The first line of the poem starts with an ellipsis, implying that the author has some hesitation to go on or there must have been more words to be said. Imagine someone saying, “It’s cold but now we...,” and what do you expect to follow? The author proposes to do what we all can do to make this freezing world filled with warmth. Knowing that a street vendor who sells vegetables can call it a day only when all goods are sold out, the poet on the way home buys some on purpose to help the vendor go back to a cozy and comfortable home as early as possible. A typical question may go, “How much is this bundle of chives?” The poet adds poeticism to this phrase, “How much is this bundle of hope?” To our surprise, it is an easier job to make a wintry day warm than you may expect. However, easier said than done.