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Scratching the philtrum

Posted August. 28, 2021 07:16,   

Updated August. 28, 2021 07:16


The poem is included in a 20.5 centimeter by 12.5 centimeter book. Most poetry books are smaller in size. The poem is written on four pages from top to bottom.

The size of the poetry book is small enough to be covered entirely with two hands. The face has a similar size but is more often covered with hands. When we do so, we are often confused or suffering. When we feel like that, it might be helpful to take the hands off of the face and open poetry collections. The language of poems is always ready to embrace us.

When life feels too difficult, when people around me make it almost unbearable, or when I realize that it was actually me, not other people, I rely on the secret shared by the poem to seek consolation. The poet tells us that the philtrum has the shape of an angel’s finger. ‘Shh… forget everything and start over.’ Looking at such a shape calms down a troubled mind.

Pull your hand up and feel the philtrum that you have forgotten about. The promise of an angel and forgotten story are there. Look up your eyes and see the philtrum of a person in front of you. You cannot hate someone as you know that you share the same secret with the person. The 20.5 centimeter by 12.5 centimeter world is truly marvelous.