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‘Nest for young musicians’ created by Gum Nan-se

Posted July. 06, 2021 07:30,   

Updated July. 06, 2021 07:30


Dark clouds were floating across the summer sky on Saturday over the glass wall above the F1963 Gum Nanse Music Center (GMC) in Busan. As young violinist Kwon Ye-eun and cellist Choi Ah-hyun played the theme of Handel’s Passacaglia arranged by Johan Halvorsen, conductor Gum Nan-se, 74, approached them.

“There are many variations on this theme. Is there a bit sad part?” As the two performers played a gloomy section, Gum continued talking. “The two instruments are talking. It sounds like they are saying, “How did this person die?” “That’s what I’m saying.”

The audience nodded their heads and the performers smiled, as if they were saying, “Isn’t he right?” People taking a walk outside looked down on the concert through the glass wall.

The F1963 is a multicultural complex created in 2016 on the site of Koryo Steel’s Suyoung factory. The GMC is a new addition to the complex created on April 1 this year on top of the complex’s bookstore, annex of Kukje Galary, Hyundai Motor Studio, art library, café, and outdoor trail. In addition to the music hall, there are five practice rooms, and a spacious lobby. Professional equipment for video production is being installed as well.

The F1963 holds four free musical concerts on weekends every month, trying out various performances from solo to large-scale chamber music. It is also planning programs that can be held at the 200-seat outdoor performance hall at F1963.

The biggest strength of the GMC is that it has clear and balanced sound. Gum spoke in low voice without a microphone but his voice could be heard from every corner of the hall. Violinist Kwon said the sound resonates well and performers feel comfortable as they can hear their own sound clearly.

“Although the space is named after me, I want to make it a nest for the growth of young musicians. I hope to develop a variety of programs, ranging from practice to performance, to advance the music industry in Busan,” Gum said. “It is the noble cause of the company to donate the site that served as the basis of their development for cultural development. I hope that the space could serve as a good model for the cultural industry in Korea.”