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Mother’s ear

Posted February. 16, 2019 07:40,   

Updated February. 16, 2019 07:40


In medieval times, a lot was predetermined before birth. Those who were nobly born became nobles and those who were born into the low class had to stay in the low class. At the time, social standings were unchangeable just as stars in the sky.

Modern society started with a belief that all humans deserved to live like a human. However, this belief often turns out to be an illusion just like many other ideals. A moment of realization comes to me when it feels like I am more of a slave than a human. I know I should keep my self-esteem, but it is easier said than done.

We are humans, therefore we often tumble. Sometimes it is not easy to raise ourselves. We desperately seek someone who would show unconditional love, patience and trust. Someone like a mother. What does it mean that someone is like a mother? You would know if you read this poem. Someone who will be by your side when everyone else turns their back on you. Someone who consoles you just by being next to you. The poet’s mother is old and not healthy, but gives all the love that is needed with her eyes. Who else could say “I love you” or “It’s okay” without saying the actual words?

When the thought that you wish you were not born as a human comes to your mind, you don’t need medicines. You will find consolation when you call mother, the name you unknowingly call out in urgent cases, regardless of whether she is there with you or not.