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11 female artists tell stories of women through their works

11 female artists tell stories of women through their works

Posted January. 02, 2019 07:28,   

Updated January. 02, 2019 07:28


“Brutal Skins” by Jang Pa was unveiled in the exhibition titled, “Matters of Women” being held at Seoul National University Museum of Art in Seoul. The objects in the drawings, which look like as if they’re staring at you and saying, “What are you looking at?” remind you of cells or organs that have tiny projections. The vivid colors of the drawings make them look like children’s toys. The painter, who was standing in front of her work, was peppered with the question, “What have you drawn?”

“I tried to express the physical pain women go through, more specifically, the pain of menstrual cramps,” said Jang.

The exhibition tells stories of women through the works of 11 female artists. Against the backdrop of a recent mighty feminist movement, the exhibition takes a step back and expresses the problems and situations women undergo through art. That is why the exhibition is titled “Matters of Women.”

Jang's works, which are strange and bizarre but cute at the same time, depict issues that have not been discussed in society with a sense of humor. People use metaphors to express natural changes that occur in female bodies. In TV commercials for pads, menstrual periods are referred to as “that day” or “magic” as if it is a taboo word. Her works help us think about those natural changes of our body that have often been neglected.

“I hope these drawings will give people the opportunities to think about women’s lives,” said Yoon Dong-cheon, the director of the art museum. The exhibitions will be held until Feb. 24.

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