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Anti-corruption movement in China reaps results

Posted March. 13, 2015 07:14,   


Song Zuying, one of the China’s most-loved singers, appeared in blue military uniform at the Great Hall of the People on Wednesday to attend this year’s Chinese People`s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). It was a stark contrast to her outfit in 2012, a luxurious fur coat and thigh-high boots, which got mobbed by photographers.

Song is not the only one. Singer Han Hong appeared at the annual conference venue, carrying a transparent vinyl file case that contained documents on his left hand as if he rushed into a meeting. It was also a striking contrast to a Bottega Veneta bag that Han carried two years ago.

Chinese daily Xinjing Bao reported on Friday that luxurious goods disappeared in outfit and belongings of attendees at the National Peoples’ Congress and the CPPCC, thanks to strong anti-corruption movement under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping. In the first year of Xi’s presidency, not a few representatives attended the meeting wearing opulent items such as mink fur coats, luxurious bags, Hermes belts and Christian Dior glasses.

In the past, when the NPC members or CPPCC representatives from local regions came to Beijing, the individual local government’s office in Beijing presented a welcoming ceremony and gave flowers or presents to them. Such practices were gone this year, however. Souvenirs, discount coupons and regional products were not provided at all.

During the both sessions in the past, restaurants and bars in Beijing were crowded to treat meeting attendees. The mood in such places is icy now. Less banquets are hosted for the attendees and liquors are not served in the luncheon. According to the global consulting firm Bain & Company, spending in luxurious goods in China last year decreased by 1 percent year-on-year to 115 billion yuan (approx. 18.35 billion U.S. dollars), showing the first decrease in eight years.