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Nostalgia brought by the musical film `C`est Si Bon`

Posted February. 16, 2015 07:58,   


After watching a movie, I took out an LP (long-playing record) album and put it on the turn table. In track 2 on the album’s reverse side, the cartridge needle revives the sentiment of youth from the surface of the album. “It is silent late at night now, (I hear) sound of tapping the window / waking up after sleepless night, I watch outside the window / I can’t see the woman, but a lonely wedding cake remains alone / oh, who left it, and I know it is sadness of my love.” Fresh voice of singers Song Chang-shik and Yoon Hyung-joo, members of the duo "Twin Folio" who were in their 20s some 40 years ago, disturbs my soul. Yoon Hyung-joo’s voice is very sweet, but voice of young Song Chang-shik before changing his singing technique is also very lyrical and emotional. This is the aesthetics of purity.

Over the weekend, this writer watched “C`est si bon,” the movie about the story of Twin Folio. Since I had watched the movie “Ode to My father,” I naturally became reminiscent of those bygone days of the past. Even though it was an era of poverty, we naturally came to nostalgic of the days, the time when we can never return.” The movie is a love story that is far cry from the touching story in "Ode to My Father." Nonetheless, I have remote, faint recollection of the time when I would appreciate songs in the movie with strong emotion.

The original song of “Wedding Cake” that steams at the ending part of the movie is the song of the same title that was sung by American female singer Connie Francis. "And every woman knows a lot of joy and tears, Come with the wedding cake,” lyric writer Hong Hyeon-geol adapted the original lyric contained in bright, cheerful melody suggesting that marriage is not romance but a reality into sad yet sweet words. Lyric that saddens the heart causes listeners to be emphatic, to make it confusing whether the memories of amorous first love are a story of mine or that of other.

The generation of main characters in the two movies could afford to dream about the future due to robust economic growth despite challenging reality. For this reason, we can recollect the time as romantic memories. However, will today’s young generation, who have no choice but to put off their marriage and childbirth due to lack of jobs unlike the generation of their parents, also come to reflect this era nostalgically in the future? Love exists in all different eras but hope does not necessarily exist. Older generations, who can hardly afford to open a better future (for younger generation), pray that poor young couple embrace full of bright sunshine in the future.